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State Required Information

Continuity of Services Plan

Plan for Use of ARP ESSER Funds


School District Website Checklist

The school district shall have an easily accessible link on the website homepage titled “State Required Information.” The district shall subdivide the information required by the categories of information. (A.C.A. 6-11-129)  


Minutes of Regular and Special School Board Meetings Board Meeting Minutes
School Board Meeting Dates Board Meeting Calendar
Discipline Policies


SC Tucker Student Handbook: pg. 23

DMS / DHS Student Handbook: pg. 23


Students Attendance Policies


SC Tucker Student Handbook: pg. 13

DMS / DHS Student Handbook: pg. 10


Bullying Policies

SC Tucker Student Handbook: pg. 27

DMS / DHS Student Handbook: pg. 25

District Calendar 2021-2022 District Calendar
School Level Improvement Plans

2021-2022 S.C. Tucker Elementary SIP

2021-2022 DMS SIP

2021-2022 DHS SIP

Annual Report to the Public Fall 2021 Report to the Public
Student Handbooks

SC Tucker Student Handbook

DMS / DHS Student Handbook

Comprehensive School Counseling Plan 2021-2022 Student Services Plan
Parent, Family, and Community Engagement (PFE) Plans

District PFE Plan

S.​C. Tucker Elementary Plan

DMS Plan

DHS Plan

Family Friendly PFE Summary

Annual School Performance Report

2019-2020 Elem. Report Card

2019-2020 MS Report Card

2019-2020 HS Report Card

Licensed and Classified Personnel Policies

2021-2022 Licensed Personnel Policy

2021-2022 Classified Personnel Policy

Salary Schedules for All Employees

2021-202 Licensed Salary Schedule

2021-2022 Classified Salary Schedule

2021-2022 Licensed Contracts

2021-2022 Classified Contracts

Dyslexia Interventions Used During the Previous School Year 2020-2021 Dyslexia Information
Number of Students Receiving Dyslexia Interventions During Previous Year 2020-2021 Dyslexia Information
Total Number of Students Identified with Dyslexia During the Previous Year 2020-2021 Dyslexia Information
FINANCIAL DOCUMENTS 19-20 20-21 21-22
State and Local Revenue Sources (State Aid Notice)      19-20      20-21      21-22
Administrator and Teacher Salary and Benefit Expenditures      19-20      20-21      21-22
School District Balances, Including Legal and Building Fund Balances      19-20      20-21      21-22
School District Budget for the Current Year by October 1      19-20      20-21      21-22
Financial Breakdown of Monthly Expenses      19-20     20-21      21-22
Contract Information for All Employees







Annual School District Statistical Report      ASR     ASR      ASR

District Support Plan (Due September 1)

Mask wearing is optional for both students and staff.

Students in grades 9-12 may walk off campus for lunch.

Cleaning and disinfecting procedures and protocols will continue, as will social distancing in classrooms and at lunch. 

Public comments and feedback can be made by calling school principals or the district administration office.

Elementary School: 495-4820

Middle School: 495-6852

High School: 495-4810

District Administration: 495-4800

2021-2022 RFL and District Support Plan

SUMMARY: Students may attend on-site or virtually. All students are ensured a guaranteed and viable curriculum. Learning management systems and mobile meeting software will be utilized as needed. Masks are optional for students and staff. Social distancing and cleaning measures remain in place. Extracurricular activity sponsors are encouraged to use outdoor spaces when possible. Indoor teachers are reminded to help air flow by opening windows when practical. Visitors will be screened upon entrance and may be denied entry if they have virus symptoms. Visitors must follow the same virus mitigation efforts as students and staff do. The district Point of Contact continues to follow the latest close contact protocol for schools. 

(2020-2021 RFL and District Support Plan)

List of Waivers Granted to District and School

Ready for Learning Waivers

AMI Days Waiver

District Wellness Plan (Due October 1)

District Wellness Policy

Required Vaccination Information (Due December 1)

S.C. Tucker: 99% vaccinated; 1 student exempt; 1 student non-compliant

DMS: 99% vaccinated; 1 student exempt; 1 student non-compliant

DHS: 98% vaccinated; 5 students non-compliant

(updated November 11, 2021)

ESOL Handbook Handbook



Fiscal Operation of District

Danville Signature Page

Licensed Personnel Policy

2020-2021        2019-2020         2018-2019         2017-2018  

Classified Personnel Policy

2020-2021        2019-2020      2018-2019          2017-2018    

Monthly Revenue and Expenditures

District Balances

2019-2020      2018-2019        2017-2018          2016-2017

State Revenue Source

2019-2020            2018-2019        2017-2018         2016-2017   

Local & State Revenue Sources

2018-2019         2017-2018            2016-2017             2015-2016

Administrator Salary & Benefits

Teacher Benefits

2018-2019        2017-2018        2016-2017          2015-2016

Teacher Salary

2018-2019          2017-2018         2016-2017       2015-2016

Annual Financial Report & Budget

2019-2020       2018-2019              2017-2018          2016-2017  

Ensuing Budget

2019-20           2018-19              2017-18         2016-17

NSLA Fund Uses

2017-18    2016-17    2015-16     2014-15